Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Interview with BFF Aimeeeeee

Interview with Aimee

Tab: "Aimee I miss you friend!! How have things been? I know it's been a little rough with Mike going through what he is going through. Do you want to fill the readers in on what has been happening? If not, I completely understand."

A: “Mike has been going through a tough time right now...He was diagnosed with testicular cancer...He had to get his right testicle removed because 80% of it was cancerous He has been a real trooper about it though and i am so proud of him.”

T: “Ya when I first heard that Mike had cancer, I was really taken aback. I freaked out inside, because I had never known anyone with cancer before. Certainly nobody my age.
Now I know that you have had to deal with cancer in your family several times, which is a shame. How do you stay so strong? In my opinion you are a strong, beautiful woman with a voice and a valid opinion and that is why I wanted to feature you.”

A: “Thank you Tabitha your very sweet...I just try to think positive...Yes i know its hard not to think negative things at times but when something in your life is happening there is no room for negativity.”

T: "No problem dude.
So Aimee, I know Against Me is your favorite band. Is there any special meaning to it? Did you get to see them live??"

A: “Yes they inspire me on so many levels...I saw them Live and they kick major ass!”

T: “People can draw inspiration from so many different sources. Mine are mainly music as well, but do you have any other influences outside of music?”

A: “My mother,sister and friends...”

T: “Aww aren't you a sweetie pie!
Living in Trona can be dull at times. How often do feel like escaping and what do you do to satisfy you yearning to leave?"

A: “I feel like escaping alot actually...Sometimes though as weird as this sounds, I love it...I feel safe here...I just going to my bfs house if I ever want to leave lol...”

T: "Well it was so much fun interviewing you Aimee!! I wish you the best and I am sure the readers agree.
Tell them where they can get a hold of you.
Any last words?"

A: “You can reach me on myspace...My myspace is: www.myspace.com/call_this_a_tragedy. . . It was awesome talking to you tabitha!...”

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