Sunday, April 12, 2009

Exclusive Easter Interview with Cool Crooner Audrianna Cole

q 1: I don't remember how I found you on Myspace but I am glad I did. I read that you have been singing since you were a “very young girl”, how long is that exactly?

A: “10 years or so.”

q 2: I love your version of “Me and Mr. Jones”, an Amy Winehouse cover. I also listened to “Robot Rebellion Remix”, featuring The Blacks, but those songs are very different. Do you limit yourself to one genre or are you still trying to find your voice?

A: “I go with projects with sounds I can identify with. I (am) not so sure I will ever truly settle for one genré.”

q3: And that cover you did with your dad, short and sweet but wow! Was that fun for you or did you just think of it as business?

A: “My Dad and I were using the piece to practice. We recorded it for fun.”

q4: So I read that you recently moved from Oregon, what made you relocate?

A: “I moved away from Oregon when I was in the 6th grade. My parents were looking for a change in the military scene. I hope to move back one day. I am a native Oregonian and it's my true home.”

q5: What do expect out of your fans? What kind of reactions do you want and are you wanting to make a career out of music? Because I'm just going to be honest. I definitely think you should. You definitely do not lack the talent and there is a big market for a voice like yours these days.

A: I” plan to sing my whole life. I will pursue a career because I would love to make a living doing what I love.”

Alright well thanks so much Audrianna for the interview! Any farewell words? Maybe let the readers know where they can get a hold of you or your music.

“I am currently entertaining a project with Burnside Records Burnside Records, a Jazz/Blues label out of Portland Oregon. They are a label that caters to Blues, Jazz and Indie Music (my favorites) and you should definitely add them.

They want me to come up with 12-15 classic blues pieces and revamp them.. put a modern spin and my vibe on them. The cool thing is we want some off the beaten path songs, so be sure to expect lesser known songs with this project.

I would also like to say that I am also working with some hip hop producers, so expect more projects with me crooning on the hooks or singing the hooks of other great hip hop artists.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to interview with your hot new magazine. I look forward to seeing this interview in your new issue. Take care.


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