Tuesday, June 15, 2010


u make me fucking sick
with all yr pleas and please
forget me when i leave, alone with yr disease
begging is for losers
yr such a fucking slut
yr worries will enfold u, u gotta lose that strut
hang in there kid, so they say
u know they’re full of shit
they pant and plead, they’re full of greed; a disease they can transmit.
anger’s filled my empty cup
they say i live for death
my momma cant sit still they say, result of too much meth.

guy not a man

beat me down
cus im young
u say i dont know shit
fuck u man
u dont understand
my feelings r legit
i’ll claw my way
to the top
to buildings in the sky
hear my beats
step out of time
u fuck just like a guy.

Friday, June 11, 2010

undulating love

fevered bellies
anger ridden
tame the maker
make her hidden
please your mother
sin the sinner
make the lover
make him dinner

Write yr memories in the sand,
Let them wash away.
Forever lost in the sea.
Here leaves the sight of day.

Watch her walk into the dark.
Hear her voice so faint.
She can do no wrong you say;
You call your love a saint

You wake to her in the dark,
Can't see her but you know;
Her smell: her scent, the love you lent
Will never leave your glow.

You seem to light the path
Back home and to your heart.
Refuse to think of an end:
An un-earthly work of art.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


i have:

nothing to hide from now
nothing to see but foul:
sights and sensations,
new revelations
i am fondly contagious but how

i am:

energetic and pleasing at best
but those who know me detest
see me and run
for i will give none
save breathing for when I'm at rest

i have:
anger and spite deep within
the only constant is my steady sin
when i am without
i feel pain and then doubt
i love nothing not even my kin

i cry:
and barely can catch my breath
can't stop thinking of untimely death
stand back and see
my life is not only ME
call me a robber; it's theft.

Friday, June 4, 2010

to the bone

dust yr feet off, clear the earth
time to see yr woven worth
yr harried mind and fragile hands
lead me to misunderstand:
i am the pell i am the grant
i am the tree, the hole, the ant
i am the moon, the sun, the stars
i am the earth, venus, mars
i am the words, the pen, the ink
i am the plate, the kitchen sink
i am my nails, my dirty nails
i am the bugs, the slugs the snails
i am the ground, the dirt, the clay
i am a child’s grin, dismay
i am the mother and the dad
make me good for i am bad

huddle and pray

huddle beneath the earth
the earth
 i fell so damn pristine

ode to the sight of the sky
the sky
 i am a mean machine

u missed my mouth
my ever moving, changing glance
u missed yr move
yr only chance

i feel nothing
i feel it all
some days short
but most days tall

i am the soil
beneath my nails
i am just bones
i am so frail

eager yet
powdered nose
feathered rage

if this is how I’m sposed to be
count me out
one, two, three


take me
break me
make me
love adorned
heavy thorned
u sure wear that crown well
ready, pounce.
lies: the stories u tel