Friday, August 22, 2014

sinking ships (ode to fellow nymphos)

anger and desire
the two are side by side
in my bed weer made of lead
you left me and i died

now i walk in heaven
now i walk in hell
this bed we made if just for shade
has cracked my rotting shell

i am the crab sans home
the angered silver spoon
i lost my cause put game on pause
howled at my twin the moon

lover of destruction
hater of mankind
hold my hand iim sinking sand
too late for change of mind

sooner that we leave her
sooner that weer there
see the sound my lovely mound
under your dark glare
i breathe, you shake, i shiver
your hard under my hold
your hands they drift my shirt you lift
your fingertips are cold

im agile when you hold me
your grasp i cant evade
wet desire old thoughts transpire
your moans a serenade

we wake in early morning
the sun has yet to rise
wake with my tongue your heat it sprung
last night we soon reprise

you fall back asleep
you say i wore you out
my knees are burning from your yearning
but still i feel without

cooking in the kitchen
push up against my back
now you rise with lusting eyes
i take what you unpack

these letters my impression
i write solely for you
hang them high dont say goodbye
i know you want me too

letters from my mom in rehab

you think nobody sees you but I see you ma'
lickin your gums like you've broken the law
you think you're so funny when you sit and you stare
but my god the pain to know nobody's there.

I'm glad you're alive.
Not sure what that means.
They said you have written me
from your gas chamber fiends.

it's a means to an end
this cutting you out
oh no i don't hate you
but with my love there is doubt

you should have gone farther
smashed yr head in a door
i hear yr 'so sorries'
but im so fucking bored