Tuesday, August 31, 2010


rangER dangER
full of sin;
filled with angER:

deep within       

hate yr makER
make her lose
ennd the life

u didnt choose.       

comb her hair
make her pretty
make her think

u (t)hink yr witty       

she didnt know
she didnt see
beneath her clothes

third DEgree       

she was tamed
built to last
severed veins

from sharp, cut glass       

hide yr love
mark her dead
cut her like

ud cut loose thread       

hide yr arms
yr sullen wrist
“how” they ask

a scratch: insist.       

watch that shadow
watch it dance
boiling blood

yr in a trance       

now u sing
and now u soothe
now u watch

her every move       

she dies for u
she dies for me
she dies for who

she couldnt be       


Saturday, August 14, 2010


mommy’s m-a-d at me again
“o captain! my captain!”
what a sin

kill the martyred 6-6 swine
impale the angel
killing time

she aint worth my precious time
the perfect shot, the perfect crim.e
listen to the wayward chime
holly rollers paid off in dime

mommy loved me
suzeeee said
fed me vitamins in bed

loved me so much
she had to die
couldn’t stand to see me cry

push me forward when we walk
mock me when i try to talk
use me as yr alram clock
plug me in: electric shock.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

scheme of things

i thought i once was worthless
but now im not so sure
yr heavy burdens, well-equipped, will someday be a cure.

for all of my humanity
my lack of self esteem
u will be my nightmare, while i’ll be yr wet dream.

hunger over-rides u
yr love for filth and scandal
will admit but dont forget to light yr roman candle

im down here on my knees
while yr up there in the sky
u love it when i say to u, u taste like apple pie.

my danger has unearthed u
u cannot lose that grin
we both agree that we r free to choose this mortal sin

dont tell me that u love me
dont wanna hear u lie
pull my hair, i dont care, u fuck just like a guy

adieu adieu

hearts she said

bullshit, bullshit, interbred

glossy shine

steal her soul and make it mine

long nights
world on fire

momma loves you; LIAR LIAR

white tips
pink lips
open legs

aint got no money, so shall she beg

black soul
that is me

i live my life like a crime spree

that is you

pull the trigger, adieu adieu.

human stain

i was born to feel yr pain
nicknamed the human stain
i am a whore
no more no more
i drove myself insane

pain is beneath my nails
i float with wholly sails
im half a whole
i lack a soul
forget what life entails

paper girl

this is where I live.
this little paper world
hold me nightly, out of spite please,

yr little paper girl

this is who i am
yr mother will assume
yr ancient victories will unfold

and tie u to yr tomb

but who am i u say
without that pretty face
prepare yrself for war

i live for yr embrace