Thursday, March 25, 2010

my biggest fear: en·dear

the repetition
the motions
of love and threat and horrors

above it
the gender
of deities; restorer

make amends
among yr friends
so they will feel respected

for giving love
and taking love
are in·trin·si·cal·ly connected


yr love so heavy
like fire
it consumes all those within

yr heat, it radiates
like the devil radiates sin

my hands cant help but to shake
whenever i feel that yr close

my hate rising once again
leaves my illusion exposed

my stomach it turns
with empathy
i hate that feeling the most

dont look down on me
I'll look down on you
make u feel lucid; a ghost

dont hate me when im around
dont hate me when i am gone
dont hate that u miss the sound
of me when i was withdrawn

anger has tainted my view
the world is no longer sweet
my spite is long overdue
leave me now, for i feel complete


yr anger doesn't help me ma'
i am so sick of tryin'
yr loveless temper, hurtful stares
makes me feel like cryin'

i am so sick
not all my fault
yr hurtful past is

she sheds
but to yr bed
she melts like salt to rain

mark my words
i will die soon
if i cannot find peace

that was my mind
before my time
of bringin' down that beast

that anger hurts her
u see
it sometimes hurts me too

yr love is heavy
not just for me
but for others who love you

Monday, March 22, 2010

FeveR fEVEr

this i know
this u lack
FeveR fEVEr

tick tock tick tack

float on me
live in live on
FeveR fEVEr


burn on burn ON

gruesome love
heart will burn
FeveR fEVEr

false concern

love adorns
hand will break
FeveR fEVEr

first mistake

I am i Am
so i am:
sole mistake:
first pancake.
love me hold me let me go.

Just Aaas If

towards me, my love

hear my words;

insist upon me
anguish please

I'll bring you down,
down to yr knees

feel my heat:
my angry light,

my heaven:weathered,
livid bite!

yr hands bleed blue,
my heart bleeds black.

yr loot of angels
travel back:

back in time
when things just were,

rather than
a dizzy blur.

dizzy, lovely,
take my hand

insist that you still

man oh man.
luv yr man.
he'll leave u soon,
( )
that was his plan.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day Walker: Re|E||D

Pt. 1

u touch my neck
i shake from my core
my inner being feels so ignored

night is allusive
days are so clear
i fight to feel what you fail to fear

Pt. 2

good morning young sun.
will you hold my hand?
feel heat 'neath my palm as my world-view expands

love me forever
or just love me now
plant my roots in your earth as you climb up my bough

Pt. 3

angel with wings
too heavy to fly
crawl on my walls and watch as i cry

love me then leave me
it's all the same
i am earthly confection, compounded with pain

Pt. 4

yr words: all consuming
my happiness: brief
yr love is so tender, all i feel is grief

my skin is so pale
i'll just lie in the sun
soak up infinity while u melt with the gun

Pt. 5

break with the day
wake with the night
intense is my anger; i revel in spite.

i am a bird
u must let me go
born a white dove, die a black crow.