Monday, April 13, 2009

Interview With A104.5 The Edge's Danielle

Q1: Hi Danielle! I'm glad you are letting me interview you. So you toured with a song and dance group for 2 years! That's pretty amazing. When was this? What music did you perform to?

A1: “It was really amazing. Great experience. I was there from January 2006 to August 2006 then went back may of 07' til the end of the summer. We performed to every type of music. Rock, Pop, Broadway, Country. I loved it.”

Q2: Very cool! And you traveled all over the country? What made you come back to Tulsa?

A2: “We did travel all over the country. As much as I loved that group, and the people, and the experience. I got a little homesick. So I had planned on coming home just for a month or two, but then I ended up going to college for a year, and as much as i hated college I ended up getting this job at the edge around the same time, and I completely fell in love with this job, and I never had the heart to leave this place and go back on tour.”

Q3: Sweet! Ya I remember listening to the Edge one day and hearing your voice and thinking, “who is this girl?”. I have heard that men outnumber women 4 to 1 in your line of work. Have you felt or experienced the effect of a male-dominated field?

A3: “yeah! i can agree with that. I can't say i've really experienced the effect of it, but thats just because I get along well with guys. I think it's cool being a female in radio since theres not many especially in Tulsa. It's hard to find a female voice to fit a certain genre of music which is why I think a lot of males go into this line of work. Their voices are easier to fit within a genre..Just my opinion....and the guys at the edge are absolutely fantastic.”

Q4: I never thought of it that way; a certain voice for every genre. That is a pretty rad way of looking at it.
I think I read a while back that you wanted to start a band or something. How is that going? Did you become the big popstar you wanted to be?

A4: “ dream since I was 5 years old has always been to become a popstar. I'm still pursuing that dream, but nothing has come of it yet. I'm hoping eventually something will turn around for me in that department...It's a hard business to get into..Which totally sucks, but I suppose if it were that easy everyone would be doing it...But hopefully someday for me “

I could totally see you sharing a stage with Britney or maybe even knocking her off the stage!!
Well thanks so much for the quick interview! It's been a pleasure.
Any last words?

A: lol...I can totally see that too...that would be stellar..yea stellar im bringing that word back.

and you very welcome for the interview...

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