Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day Walker: Re|E||D

Pt. 1

u touch my neck
i shake from my core
my inner being feels so ignored

night is allusive
days are so clear
i fight to feel what you fail to fear

Pt. 2

good morning young sun.
will you hold my hand?
feel heat 'neath my palm as my world-view expands

love me forever
or just love me now
plant my roots in your earth as you climb up my bough

Pt. 3

angel with wings
too heavy to fly
crawl on my walls and watch as i cry

love me then leave me
it's all the same
i am earthly confection, compounded with pain

Pt. 4

yr words: all consuming
my happiness: brief
yr love is so tender, all i feel is grief

my skin is so pale
i'll just lie in the sun
soak up infinity while u melt with the gun

Pt. 5

break with the day
wake with the night
intense is my anger; i revel in spite.

i am a bird
u must let me go
born a white dove, die a black crow.

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