Sunday, February 28, 2010


i'm going somewhere daddy
i do not wish to tell
my only burden is that you wonder if i'll burn in hell

my bones weaken daddy
for you i'll never speak
of things that scare you yet implore you; things that make me weak

i live for your love daddy
it is my one mistake
among a lifetime of degrading words I cannot fake

my tongue has fallen daddy
"one year in every ten"
i fall into your empty shadows just to see your grin

my heart has hardened daddy
i am too young to scold
like you do when i am wrong, or when i am too bold

life is my party daddy
i am a clown disguised
as a girl who is afraid of her own demise

i scream in rapture daddy
my mind is like a clock
i feel the earth beneath my feet, i hear the words, "tick tock"

an angel has me daddy
an angel: broken, brave
an angel worthy of my time, an angel that i crave

i am so saddened daddy
that i let you down
that i'm a mess; that who i am will never be profound

it's curtains for me daddy
time to turn away
time to make me, heal me, mold me out of your dirt clay

father we are the same
this you cannot see
for you my heart beats in pain;
for everyone but me

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