Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fund Education for Women NOW

Jodie Evans says that the war solely affects women. When you think about it, it is true. Who is dying? Whose husband walks into a field to farm (or whatever they do in Afghanistan) and gets blown up by a misguided rocket? Whose child is taught to be a martyr for their country by walking into an open, crowded area and blowing themselves up? As long as they have a place in the after-life that's what matters right? Wrong. Who are you leaving behind? Your mother, your wife, your daughters, your grandchildren and sisters and nieces and girlfriends. Over the years, as we send more and more troops into Afghanistan, the death toll rises. Leaving women child-less, father-less and family-less. It's a horrible phenomenon that has become so ordinary that it has seeped into our everyday life. No wonder we as a country don't keep track of the death toll of Afghani civilians and soldiers.

"All these innocent farmers leave wives and children with no means of support"

Although there has been some change in the way Afghani men and women view the female sex as a gender, they are still decades behind in rightful equality. Evans argues that to make a real change and start the long road to peace, you have to change the way women think. You have to provide them with a history and a future. You have to give them a luxury that we as Americans so humbly ignore; the right to an education. An unbiased education, which maybe that's taking it too far. And education would be good enough.

"It will take the women of the world to rise up and say militarism is not working. It will take the women of the world to force Obama and Congress to do the right thing and invest in the women instead. Militarism is a fire that is spreading across borders, and we need to find a new language. We need to meet not in rooms without windows but in the majesty of the mountains of this once beautiful country. Everyone has to be at the table. As the minister of women told us, “We have a mouth and a brain, we should talk.” Transparency, justice and real investment in the women of Afghanistan will bring peace and we need to start now." - Jodie Evans

So what is the point of this article you ask? Well first ask yourself, "why did we get into this war anyway?" Initially to bring democracy to a country who sorely needed it? Well how do you teach democracy by forcing peace through heavy arsenal? Do you think seeing armed foreign soldiers and tanks bombard your little town and walk through the town square like they own the place make you feel any more safe? Do you think forcing new ideals on a country who runs their government by decades of tradition is going to make them see their ways are wrong?

Listen, I am not a journalist and I am not trying to be. This is my personal blog and I don't expect anyone to actually read it. And I'm certainly not going to force my ideas and values down your throat. Just think about it.

see Jody Evan's article and others concerning women on

PS There is a really good artice about a new study on women's national status headed by a Washington think-tank and Maria Shriver called, "A Woman's Nation Changes Everything". OH AND IT IS WRITTEN BY GLORIA STEINEM

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